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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 5, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> good evening. thanks for joining us. fire destroyed a home under construction in concord late today. it happened on skyler court. ember from the fire setoff 2 houses nearby that were occupied on mark circle. sergio is live at concord where investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what sparked this fire. sergio. >> as you mention the house that actually started on fire is writ here on skyler court. basically just a wood frame at this point when it was sparked. because l the winds this afternoon actually pick up a lieutenant of the embers from that five and then pushed them over the hill to the cul-de-sac on the other side hill that zipping the 2 other homes. now from sky 7 you can see the charred bits of house frame. fire crew say this is the house under construction where the fire started. firefighters arrived to find the wood skeleton of the home burning and neighbors spraying down the
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roof of their nearby homes to make sure the flames didn't hop skip and jump any further. the good news in this afternoon fire is that no one was injure injured. 3 houses in total were damaged. the first house where the fire started still under construction. nobody was there. second home that got some significant damage is occupied but the resident not home at the time of the fire. third home got minor daniel. those residents allowed back in pretty shortly. for neighbors this was a fast loud and scary blaze. >> we heard 3 loud bang. it was after few seconds boom. boom. boom. i look outside the window. and first i saw the wind going, probably the wind and since this house is being constructed so it came off or something. but the second i look out the window i saw this house was completely in flames. >>reporter: now fire commander say the loud boom were likely items inside of a shed at one of the homes that caught fire
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and exploded. pg&e has been here on site for most of the evening. fire did damage some gas meters which the fire commander say did complicate the fire fight a bit because the gas line could not be immediately shut off. now again this was fire that did not include any injuries. reporting live in concord, abc 7 news. >> that's the good news here. certainly co thanks very much. >> several fast moving wildfires keeping firefighters busy tonight across california. wildfire burning near kern county destroyed a dozen homes and doubled in size. flames consumed more than 8600 acres or about 13 square miles. the fair was sparked sunday when single engine cessna plane crashed killing the 2 people on board. another wildfire broke out late this afternoon in mandyville canyon that's in the brunt wood neighborhood of la. 50 acres have burned there. this the is video of a much larger wildfire burning in la county. flames are eating up
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very dry brush in the hilly terrain here. fire has charred more than 500 acres to this point. homes threatened. only voluntary evacuation order issued. investigators believe this fire began in a barn on an old movie set. >> victims of last year san bruno pipeline blast will join assemblyman hill tomorrow in support of his bill that would strengthen safety standards for goods paper line in california. now this comes amid more cushion of showed r safety practices by pg&e. the company says old plastic pipe already suspected of causing gas explosion will be relisted at cupertino condominium complex after paper line explosion there last week. david lou has the story. >>reporter: plastic pipe involved in the explosion and fire last week is known as el delay made by dupont 1970 to 1995 and the subject of a recommendation in 1998 by the national transportation safety board to step up inspections
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after a series of explosions. pg&e says it will replace all 6000 feet of the pipe that fee feeds gas to the 400 yawnts at northwest square. >> if i would think that with this better should be taking the safety precaution and make sure it doesn't happen. >>reporter: test indicate the pip should have a life expectancy of 150 years. however it can be weaken by rock in the soil pressing against the pipe f.crook are found in one area pip line consult apartment dr. gene says replacement with newer generation of pipe is likely. >> that is an area that the gas company operation people, jaering people or the test people pay closer attention, to increased monitoring, and then make a decision whether that should be replaced or not. >>reporter: dr. says all pipe plastic or metal can suffer
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crack and pru it was leak. however plastic pipe are flex ill and less prone to damage in an earthquake. he cited 1989 loma earthquake. san francisco cast iron pipe ruptured in many spots. plastic did not. pg&e programsed it will permanent weekly gas check in the square before it can rae place the pipeline. project takes several months. >> i don't know why it takes that long because obviously we pay regular monthly fee and all we expect the service provider to take care of it and on pro active basis. >>reporter: pg&e has over 1200 millions of the pipe in the distribution system. the state p uc lunched an investigation. ntsb is watching closely. in coupe teen oshtion abc 7 news. >> e-mail cell phone and electronic bill paying are taking its toll on our mail system. united states postal system is virtually broke. postal officials say the agency is so low on cash that it will not be able to make a 5 and a
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half billion dollar payment this month. that means defaul default. u.s. p s calls on congress for emergency funds. without this money post offices all over the country could be shut this winter. postal service deficit this year is over 9 billion dollars. that dire apparently. >> president gave a reaccepttive audience a detroit present view of the much anticipated speech about job creation in the country. as p we report, president is under mounting pressure to do something. >>reporter: there's a new way forward. plan. more jobs are coming. that would say the gist of president obama labor day speech in detroit in frpt of crowd of union supporters. estimated 14 million americans are december presidentially looking for work matter how i try to better myself, make minifor myself, to support my family, i keep hitting my head up against a brick wall.
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>>reporter: on thursday the president is expected to reveal an economic plan. today he hinted it will include a major transportation project. >> we have got reds and bridges across this country that need rebuilding. we have got private companies with the equipment and manpower to do the building. we have got more than 1 million unemployed construction workers ready to get dirty rate now. >>reporter: first time president obama has spoken publicly since friday job report. zero job added in august. unemployment 9.1%. on the sunday talk she the president critic urge him to spend more time developing a plan than writing a speech. >> i'm afraid it's just pandering to his base if you we will send a written proposal i will give it every chance but i'm in the interested in his speech right now. >> we are fitting for good jobs with good wages. >>reporter: at tea party rally romney came out swinging. >> we have zero confidence, zero faith in a president who created zero jobs. tame for
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someone who knows how to create jobs and get our economy going. >>reporter: so the pressure is on and the nation is waiting to hear exactly what the president plan is to get americans become to work. in new york, if abc news. >> recommend innocent of tropical storm lee continue to dump rain across the south causing scattered flooding and power outages. floodwater literally swallowed up cars in tennessee. forecasters there say the area received about 4 inches of rain today and they were expecting several more inches of rain through this evening. the wet weather forced organizers to cancel many labor day events today. >> and storm turned deadly in mississippi where man drowned in floodwater. lee dumped as much as 10 inches of rain in mississippi and 15 inches in louisiana. setoff tornadoes in mississippi and georgia the storm system did. despite some street flooding, officials say that new orleans 24 pump flood control system is now doing the
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job. official say a that improvement made since hurricane ka trend a are successfully preventing a major disaster in the city. more to bring enthusiastic labor day. majestic sight off the california coast. look at this. as we continue why some think that these blue whales are camping out off the la county coast. >> and threat of inconvenienc inconveniencing ocean. problem of erosion on san francisco ocean beach. all of the groups that have a stake in the sand. >> accu-weather forecast center where we are looking at a sharp warm-up next couple days.i'll show you how high the numbers will good in my accu-weather forecast coming up. >> also tonight. officials call it a crime against the value of civilization. >> captured on video. news at value of civilization. >> captured on video. news at 9 continues
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 whale watcher dream come true off the southern california coast. our sister station in la took aerial picture this morning of 2 blue whales possibly a mother and calf swimming off the coast. spectacular. now there is speculation that the whales are staying in that area because well stocked with the favorite food. tiny shrimp called kril krill. blue whale the largest animal on earth. 100 feat long and weighing 200 tons. great pictures. san francisco ocean beach
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is under assault. erosion problems appear to be getting worse there. so for the first time there is an effort to come up with a long-term vision for what the beach should lack like 50 to 100 years from now. heather reports. >>reporter: ocean beach is about 3 and a half miles long. stretching from lincoln boulevard on the north to slope on the south. it's often gray and windy when the rest of the bay area is sunny. even then it's a major draw for all kinds of recreation. on sunny days it is spectacular. but difficult balancing act lies ahead. increasing erosion is forcing diverse stake holders to work together. planning the long-term future of ocean beach 50 to 100 years out. >> the problem is that change is coming to ocean beach whether we like it or not. about as claim at change sea level rise set in, the erosion pressure that we have been seeing is causing problems already is only going to get worse. >>reporter: spur san francisco
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planning urban research association is taking a lead in creating the ocean beach master plan. bringing together all the different local state and federal agency and user group with an interest in what happens here. for example there's the national park service. concerned about neglect infrastructure and the eco-system. >> i would lick the see a little bit of a renaissance down here. >>reporter: public utility commission is worried about its water treatment plant at the southern end of the beach. billion dollar investment. already under severe threat from the advancing ocean. >> we would lick to come up with a long-term solution. right now we are diagnose sort of band-aid fix. >>reporter: one of the emergency band-aid fix rip rap reinforcing the area where 40 feet of bluff disappeared during the winter of 2009-10. surfer variabilityist don't lake the effect on coastal access and beauty. >> really looks like a huge eye sore. looks like a war zone and it's a big cave man approaching to dealing with coastal erosion.
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>>reporter: list of stake holder long and varied. >> we are really caught between a ridiculous and hard place. kind of situation where it isn't necessarily a great answer. trade off and going to have to be creative thinking about how we manage about to good forward. >>reporter: ocean beach has had many incarnation over time. spur is holding more public workshop to keep shaping the future. when done the vision won't have the force of law but hopefully will influence it. this sea wall dating from the 1920's still here today. will it be in 50 years. >> nice to sort of soften that hard escape. create field we have here and a little bit of a natural welcoming refuge for people to as they come out of the neighborhood and city and enjoy the beach. >>reporter: there is actually talk of something called manage and treaty. p uc 15 acre plan and associated infrastructure. >> anybody think we can do something the next day and mav the infrastructure inland has another thing to think about because this is large
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infrastructure that would have to be relocated in neighborhoods and things of that nature. not an easy thing to doyshtion public is inhave have inited and encouraged to be a part of the master plan process. next public workshop some time in october. location to be determined. heather, abc 7 news. >> someone vandalize one of italy famous fountain and police say a man has confessed to the crime. look at the surveillance camera. video which captured the whole thing. you can see a plan climbing in the fountain in rome and repeatedly atagging the stat awe with a large stone for some odd reason. he damaged one of the 4 large face at the edge of the fountain. this tape led police to the guy who did it. they conspire toured him during a routine patrol because he was wearing the same white sneaker worn during the attack. rome officials say the crime can not be treated lightly and asking for jail time. fountain drained today so repairs could begin. odd behavior to say the least. >> yes. >> no reason for that. >> spencer is here tonight with
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the forecast. we start another week. hope you had a beautiful labor day. >> lovely day. sunny skies even along parts of the coast line. mild. not very warm but not cool either. suit are camera lacking out over san francisco. you can see bits and pieces of the city there. in and around a little bit of grown layer trying to push across the bay but just not much of it to see tonight. this afternoon you can sea some low clouds tuck up against the coast lane and lots of sun as well. w3 high pressure up to 94 degrees at ukiah. 91 at clear lake. then mainly 80's in the other inland location. 70's around the bay. 61 here in san francisco. writ now cooled down quite a bit. 55 at this hour. oakland we have 50's in many locations near the bay and up in north bay and purpose east and south ward temperatures mainly in the 60's. anti-yoing the exception at 77. low clouds along the coast and trying to push locally across the bay. much warmer tomorrow and wednesday and then cooler weather will
9:19 pm
come back in by week end. over nature tonight low temperature will be mainly in the mid 50's a little bit cooler up in the north bay where we see some upper 40's to low 50s and of course fog interthe coast generally pushing perhaps locally across the bay. even at this hour we have active weather down in southern california. satellite radar composite image shows tropical moisture still flowing in southern california producing some light rain between los angeles and san diegan points south ward and eastward as all pushing inland. not moving in our direction yet. meanwhile big ridge of high pressure is dominating our weather picture or beginning to and will dominate next couple days bringinging us much warmer weather especially in the inland location. 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning we see what little fog there is pulling back to the coast line and away from parts of the coast line tomorrow and that will leaf with us a wide range of conditions. high on the coast and 60's and 70's to 80's around the bay. mid 90's in the warmest inland location. south bay we see upper 80's to
9:20 pm
low 90's. 91 at campbell. yin san jose. mid 80's some spots on the peninsula. redwood city palo alto downtown san francisco high of 70 tomorrow. pretty warm for downtown san francisco. 65 in the sun set district. up in the north bay high mainly in the 80's but we see some 90's at clover dale ukiah and clear lake. nearest bay mainly low to mid 80's. up to 85 at 81 city. 86 castro valley. inland east bay will sizzle mid 90's and intermonterey bay high low 80's near the bay and mid 90's inland. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 very warm to hot days coming our way. tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures begin to moderate thursday friday and over the weekend high inland only in the 80's. 70's around the bay and low 60's on the coast. >> so just couple days temperatures spiking upward. looks good. fall almost upon us. >> couple weeks away. >> sports night away. >> thanks spencer.
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>> slick commute this morning at the golden gate bridge but it didn't have thinking to do with the weather. just ahead. what caused this wet mess. >> the wish of just about every parent their child grows up to become a doctor. but one boy wasn't willing to wait. that story when 7 news
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>> semi-truck made a mess shortcut located between the golden gate bridge toll plaza this morning. exceeded the height limit for a tunnel upped the toll booth. truck trailer then ruptured a pipe and it got torn apart pretty good as you can see. tunnel allows local traffic to cross under the toll plaza. also provides drivers with a way to get between the doyle drive and 19 avenue approaches to the bridge. q%ñ trouble there today. florida teenager faces
9:25 pm
charges for allegedly fooling doctors nurses and hospital security into letting him work in the emergency room and operating ramp for 6 days. he treated patients and even performed cpr. mat has the story. >>reporter: matthew shy conducted medical exam, changed an i.v. even did cpr. did you treat patients. except lick the charming schemer in the film catch me if you can, he was imposter say police. 17-year-old part-time billing clerk. >> he was doing a lot of hands on things with patients. >>reporter: these were the badges he fraudulently obtained medical center by telling officials there he was a 23-year-old medical assistant. officials became suspicious when he continuously badgered them for access to restricted areas of the hospital. he knew faces 5 counts of impersonating a physician assistant. >> as a juvenile he could be held in a facility put on probation or supervised up to
9:26 pm
the age of 21. prosecuted as adult he could face 25 years in the florida state prison. >>reporter: we learned he didn't stop there. high school senior also told hospital officials he was a sheriff's deputy say police which he was not. he had been part of a sheriff's office youth explorer program but was expelled for carrying mace and badge and wearing bullet proof vest. >> i don't know if i need to get in some psychiatric help. i don't know. >>reporter: medical center where matthew shy worked for two weeks issued a statement saying patients treated in the er during had time received the medical care they needed. we will continue our rae view of hospital practice toen shower that this will not occur again. of course it has happened in the past. cardiologist dr. dr. william ham who lectured extensively revealed to have had no medical degree. but rarely has playing doctor bonnie this far by someone still just in high school. this is abc news. >> when we continues here
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tonight. >> i'm actually for gun contro control. use both hands. >> g.o.p. presidential hopeful go stumpping for support and which is new target for the mythical attack. >> newly released video shows the moments when flight 93 went down in the september 11 attack. tonight how the pilot family prepares to mark the 10 year anniversary of his death. >> also. about hundreds take to the streets of san francisc francisco. next at nip:30 labor day call for union solidarity. at half hour of labor day call for union solidarity. at half hour of news begins here in a moment
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>> good evening once again. look at the headlines we are following for you tonight. firefighters in concord looking out for hot spots after a fire damaged 3 homes. fire raced through a large home under construction on skyler and then spread to the other 2 homes which were occupied. there are no reports of any injuries. >> u.s. postal service is facing a deficit of more than 9 billion dollars. u.s. p s calls on congress for some emergency funds without that money, post offices all over the country could be shut this winter. >> pg&e says it will rae place old plastic pipe believed to have contributed to last week explosion at cupertino apartment complex. >> meanwhile simply manager ri hill in san bruno tomorrow to provide details about a bill he introduced that would strengthen safety stand archdiocese for gas pipeline all over california. some of the headlines tonight. well with labor day marking the unofficial start of the 2 2012 campaign, republican presidential hopeful gather in south carolina early crucial
9:32 pm
primary state. as john reports g.o.p. candidate take a break from targeting president obama for a change and turning their sight now on each other. for weeks republican presidential candidate have targeted president obama. >> temporary government gimmic gimmick. that's what president obama has given to the american people. >> on day one in my administration i'll direct the secretary of health hum an services to grant a waiver from obama care to all 50 states. >> new they turn their sight on each other. this add by bachmann flap the if you presumed front runner texas governor rick perry. >> rick perry doubled spending in a decade. there is an honest conservative. and she's not rick perry. >> in new hampshire the former front runner also offered a dig at perry listening tim politician. >> of the people running for office you know i don't know that there are many who have less year in politic than me. >> today in south carolina perry fired back. >> there's one in particular that's created jobs all over the world. but while he was
9:33 pm
the gv of massachusetts he didn't create very many jobs. >> perry and romney were to face off for the first time south carolina tea party forum today but perry cancelled to return home to cope with texas wildfires. even palin getting in the act after taking a swipe at pr ri over the weekend in new hampshire she seemed to target romney now courting the tea party. >> now we are seeing more and more folks realize the strength of this grass roots movement. i say right on. better late than never. >> top republican candidate will face off 2 more times. debate tomorrow in california and next week in florida. john, abc news washington. >> tonight pakistan says the agents working with the cism a have arrested senior leader of al qaeda. man believed to have been assigned by osama bin laden to target american economic interest around the globe. two weeks ago a senior white house official revealed that al qaeda no. 2 leader was killed in a cia drone strike in
9:34 pm
pakistan. >> newly relessed video captured the moments just after quantityed flight 93 went down in shangsville, pennsylvania field on september 11. >> remains of an airplane crashed over on limber road and probably a terrorist bomb on board. blew up. don't know anything more than that. that's what i heard on the scanner. i just saw the smoke come up and the explosion shook the house. we were over here. >> man whose voice you hear lived few miles away from the plane crash site. he has since died but the family passed on the recording to cnn on the condition they reman anonymous. flight 93 was bound for san francisco as you remember on that day group of passengers on board stormed the cockpit to stop terrorists from the gel of flying the united jet into the white house. and those new images are especially painful for everyone who lost loved ones on that plane. tonight the family of
9:35 pm
the captain of flight 93 is preparing to mark the tenth anniversary of his death. corina has their story. >> this video haunting new image of what happened when flight 93 crashed in a pennsylvania field on september 11. man you hear on tape has since died and his family has rae leased the recording wishing to stay anonymous. >> saw the smoke come up and the explosion shack the house clear over here. >> when i heard it, it seemed, it was lick were you back there again getting a fresh report and kind of brought it all bac back. >>reporter: carol has plenty of memory from his that tragic day. her brother was united airline pilot captain jason dahl. flight 93 bond for san francisco was the only plane hijacked by terrorists that did not reach its intended target. 40 good people and 4 terrorists died when passengers heroic stormed the cockpit.
9:36 pm
>> great lesson from losing jason. you live every day. sometimes it mit turn bad but you live every day and embrace life. >>reporter: jason dahl son mat was just 15 when his father was killed. now for the first time since september 11 he plans to attend the annual anniversary in shanksville. mat is now 25. college graduate and married. at the memorial he will be surrounded by family. >> being together is going to be the strength and knowing that mat has not been there before pl we all want to be there for him as he experiences it for the first time. >>reporter: it tack 10 years for this new video of flight 93 to surface. and for some reaching milestone in the healing process can take just as long. in holster, abc 7 news. >> we will carry special coverage of the nation commemoration of 9/11 all
9:37 pm
weekend. lil i don't know will be reporting live from shanksville, pennsylvania and wayne from new york city. on sunday abc news begins leif coverage of the september 11 ceremony with special edition of good morning america. that's beginning at 5:00 a.m. until 8:00 a.m. that will be followed by 7 morning news from 8:00 a.m. until 10:00 a.m. so please join us on that day if you can. >> this labor day hundreds took to the streets of san francisco calling for union solidarity. hyatt hotel worker organized the demonstration working without a contract for 2 years now. lee ann has more from both sides of the issue. >> what do we want? >> 81 workers at 2 hyatt hotel in san francisco have been without a contract for more than two years. what are the demands of the union local 2 is that workers in san francisco
9:38 pm
feel out support other hyatt hotel workers and other parts of the country. even if that means going on strike. >> workers in san francisco are saying that we demand the right to stand in solidarity and to picket or boycott or strike when the becauses occur anywhere that they occur. >>reporter: union has signed agreements with two other hote hotels. hilton and star wood. hyatt has agreed to the same wages and benefits packages but will not allow the union to organize at hyatt other non-union hotels. union members say that's important to them. ichltd we can get more member for the union and we can get more stronger. >>reporter: the general manager of the grand hyatt and hyatt regency hotel wrote about this issue in an editorial page recently. trying to impose the national agenda at hyatt other hotel where workers have chosen not to be represented by a union. antone why works at the hyatt fisherman wharf which is
9:39 pm
a non-union shop. he claims workers there have little protection. >> a lot of my co-workers who don't have 30 hours who maybe only work 25 hours or sometimes i don't work 30 hours but for the most part i do. which i'm really happy. >>reporter: today protest had its fair share of other hotel workers and community leaders who want an end to this impasse. >> really important that it ends. we have other hotels have already come to agreement with the union. we want to make sure that we have ever employer in the city to work with the union for our workers make money. >>reporter: contract negotiations will resume in about two weeks. meanwhile hyatt hotel corporation out of chicago did not return our calls. in san flan, lee ann, abc 7 news. coming up here next. price of progress. coming at hay ks for family running a business at golden gate park for nearly 70 years. >> plus hay tech gadget being held hostage in a dispute
9:40 pm
between apple and samsung. how the corporate battle has led to a big disappointment at one of the world premiere electronic fair
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>> familiar attraction at still lake in golden gate park going away and at lot the happy about it. but the city insist that in this case change will be good. >> how about a good long last look at the past. if you haven't didn't so by now it's already too late. >> good memory. okay. >> that is why she took one final round with her family around still lake in golden gate park. paddle boat and the boat house and the snack bar about to disappear. in this form any way. >> well today last day for open rigs. and tomorrow we start
9:44 pm
packing up. >>reporter: because after 68 years with one local franchise franchisee, san francisco department of recreation and park will bring in a new operator. from out of state. as recreation and park describes it this is a win-win for the city. new boat. better boat house. 230,000 dollars in improvement. so why aren't local buying it? >> there are a lot of this in san francisco. i talk the people that are serious about this the. >> i think we need to stick with businesses that are small businesses and locally owned. >> it doesn't seem to add up. why not being listened to. >> they say they will miss the time capsule feeling of the building. they call advertise rae pair on boat dry rot in the building and the city says it has an obligation to protect and preserve resources. >> bottom lane is their bottom line. >> we offered more money. more boat for the public. we offered a full scale kitchen. we offered to did all the renovation. painting the building. do all the necessary renovation that the building
9:45 pm
needs. but then we still lost. i don't understand that. >>reporter: so even with lawsuit pending this is the end at least for now. jeff says he will last his job. downstairs david mars who rents the only bike in golden gate park wil willless his too. >> the city says it's going to be better. i doubt it. we'll see but i, i doubt it. better for you? if the better for me. >>reporter: the old boat house at still lake. not going gently. in golden gate park, abc 7 news. >> patent ballots between apple and samsung over tablet computer led to big disappointment for tech fans in germany after complaint by apple a german court banned the sale and marketing of samsung galaxy tab. fans were looking forward to checking out the new product during an annual electronic fair in berlin this week. >> i wanted to try of course to see the new one. but i know
9:46 pm
there's war going on between apple and samsung. that's really sad. for me personally i think about brand has to innovate new product and not fight between each other with all this kind of stuff. >>reporter: galaxy tab that fall noose the same size category as the i pad 2 is also absent from the show did you to an injunction secured by apple. patent battle between tech giant began in april when apple sued samsung. samsung has since filed similar complaints against apple. so they are going at each other pretty har hard. >> well coming up. how your use of facebook may depend on your gender. next here the difference between men and women when it comes to searching on the social network. stay with ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show. who should get it?
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>> new surhave i about physician become finds most of us now turn to the web site when we want to checkup on someone or something. the high tech shopping rae view site says that men mr. likely to use physician become to checkup on potential employers. women more likely to use the service to checkup on family. >> women are far more likely to use facebook to check out what the extended family is doing on line. 68 percent of women crew facebook to check out what the family is doing. so if you are kid in college sharing facebook your mom is probably the ones checking out what you are doing who your friends are and all that good stuff. >>reporter: so set privacy setting accordingly. retrieva survey show 70% of the users have changed the privacy settings. 17 percent say they don't know how. >> probably in that category if i'm honest. >> go back now to update the forecast. experience is here. open book always. >> open book exactly. start with a lack at some tropical
9:51 pm
conditions here. first remnant hard to call this remnant. powerful written storm which was tropical storm lee and hurricane lee now producing weighed spread flooding across south east central location to receive more than 1 foot of rainfall from this storm as it continues northeast and out in the atlantic hurricane katia now category 4 hurricane. maximum sustained winds 135 miles per hour. good news expected to make a turn around ber mud that way and go away from the atlantic coast of the u.s. but let me show you the remains again off of tropical storm lee. live doppler 7 hd as it mavs up the 10 is he valley and flooding all the way to new england. meanwhile back in the bay area sunny skies warm conditions tomorrow. mid 90's in the unland location tomorrow 80's around the bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. 2 rather toasty summer lick day tomorrow and wednesday. temperatures moderate and cool down as we head to the weekend. things looking good 7 days ahead.
9:52 pm
>> thanks spencer very much. >> mike is in for larry tonight with all the sports. baseball to talk by. thanks. 12 game home stand and did not win one series. maybe getting away from home is a good thing. was for sandoval. 2 home runs in san diego. checkp#p.
9:53 pm
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>> coming up tonight 7 news at 11:00. warning on the peninsula tonight after 2 mountain lion sightings. neighbor told to do now. >> talk about a rock. this big diamond just went on the auction block. how federal agents got their hands on this thing. this is stories and more coming up in 1 high pressure on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. now that is an inengagement ring stunner right there that makes a statement. >> don't let your wife see that rock. anniversary coming up. a little baseball. >> please. >> all right dodgers 7 become of arizona in the west. only 22 games left. they have xwt to keep winning just to keep pace with the d-backs. hope they falter any chance of
9:56 pm
reaching the play offs. padres opponent sandoval with a good talk with his bat today. i know it's labor day. let's get to work. it did work. his first at bat. panda turns on on the breaking ball. that's gone. solo shot no. 17 on the year for pablo. 4th inning. giants up 2-1. sandoval strikes again. not fooled by the change up. see you. no. 18. another solo shot. brian wilson can't believe it. 3-1 giants. same inning. crawford nice to see him back. single the writ. scores ross. giants up 4-1 and brevitying room for madison. he was brilliant in the last startth 11 streak out. gets no. 11 today. in the eighth. cameron looking. jesus victim no. 12. that's a career high. then in the inth hudson. swing and myself. 13 striking outs. he goes 8 and third gives up 2 runs and jints win 7-2. diamondbacks in consolidate rad 0enjoying the altitude. 1st
9:57 pm
inning. justin up ton. opposite field that's gone. arizona out to a 1 nothing lead. team loaded with offense. jeff a blast to the second deck. d-backs roll to continue-7 win reman 7-up on the giants in the national league west. >> a's on a monday matinee on this labor day. strange game against the royals. 3 run hom homer in the second. for a 4-3 oakland lead. 64 6 runs on 4 hits. as for kansas city billy butler. 2 homer day. solo shot off rich. in the third. that ties it at 4. 2 run shot in the sixth. tie it at 6. no. 17 and 18 on the year for billy butler. royals cvrng out 15 hits. alex gordon untie in the 9th with the rbi double. 11-6 the final. kansas city end 4 game win streak. well for the first time since 2003 4 american men reached 16 at the u.s. open. fish had handful
9:58 pm
today with assange. top rank american at no. 8. july out to a lead. assange able to take the fourth then early break in the fifth. right there. gives him the edge. fish limit natured 5 set. in the fifth. top seed if tested by 22-year-old. epic first set take breaker. check out the point. russian. throws autopsy lob tough in itself. no have been retaliate with a lob. gets it again. butt that back. almost gets that to good in. about won the point but tie breaker 16-14. cruise next 2 sets for a straight set win. face fellow sorbian in the quarter final. 28 seed for the women serena needed 74 minutes round 16. 3 time u.s. open champion moves into the first major quarter final since
9:59 pm
missing nearly a year day to health problems. top seed caroline came back from a set and break to advance to the quarter final against if this player. nice get here. that one is out. lasted over 3 hours. 26 unforced error. trailed 4-1 in the second but battle become to win it and rolls moving on to the quarter final to face 10 seed an degree cup play off continue. 100 players this we can. 70 for next week event. what a finish today. 18 hole. for the win. about we have seen this. miss by an inch. reaction of the wife. he's still in it. her husband did a play off and win it on the second hole. million dollar check won't hurt. second win 3 week. now no. 1 in the fedex


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